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Terms and Conditions | ElekUS
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Terms and Conditions

This Agreement was last modified on 2 August 2020.


By making a purchase on the ElekUS website, you are deemed to have agreed to all of our Terms of Service. The following are the Terms of Service that you must agree to when using the website.


  • ElekUS is a digital retailer and electronic retailer, not a game buying service, we sell game licenses for official platforms.
  • We only sell games digitally, we do not sell physical CD/DVD/BD, nor are we a game purchasing service, we sell according to existing stock.
  • We are not directly affiliated with DRM games, such as Steam/Origin.
  • We are not a game developer or publisher (we do not handle bugs, gameplay etc.)
  • We are also not representatives of the publisher and DRM, there is no direct affiliation with the publisher and DRM.
  • Our services are available worldwide and are located in Europe, USA, UK, Middle East Europe & Africa, Middle East Africa, Asia Pacific, Asia, Australia, Germany, North America, Poland.
  • Please pay attention to the System Requirements of the game you want to buy
  • Please pay attention to the Redeem Code Region of the game you want to buy
  • CD keys cannot be refunded like purchasing them directly via the Steam Store
  • We do not have access to DRM or game technical issues, it is beyond our control.
  • Each CD key can only be redeemed on one platform, and each game has a different platform. Please pay attention to the platform and how to redeem before purchasing.
  • Each game has System Requirements, it cannot be run on all computers, please read and make sure your computer is capable before buying the game you want to buy. We do not accept complaints if buyers do not pay attention to the above provisions. Example: Complaint that the game cannot be redeemed in Indonesia due to not seeing the description of additional information about “region” or “region”, for virtual products you cannot accept JNE, TIKI, SICEPAT, J&T receipts. the download file is too large, the computer is not strong enough, the game crashes, the game cannot be opened, or the Origin game cannot be redeemed on Steam, etc.


  • Games that have been purchased cannot be exchanged or returned (non-refundable) for any reason
  • Prices may change at any time without notice
  • The purchasing process is carried out automatically via the website, cannot be done via SMS, Facebook, WA, Steam or BBM


  • All games are delivered digitally
  • There are no shipping costs because it is not a physical item
  • Games are sent in the form of a CD KEY/Product Code via email or can be viewed directly via the download menu on the “my account” page
  • Delivery time depends on the payment method, the information is clearly written on each payment method.


  • Prices for Origin, Steam, Uplay, etc. games do not follow Origin sales, Steam sales, Uplay sales, etc.
  • If there are no sales on the Origin, Steam, Uplay, etc. platforms, we will still give discounts, but if there are Origin sales, Steam sales, Uplay sales, our prices are fixed, they do not follow the platforms we have explained.
  • We sell Product Code from the retail version, do not accept services for purchasing games from Origin, Steam, Uplay, etc.
  • Origin, Steam, Uplay, etc. games that are not on the list and/or games that are out of stock cannot be purchased through our service.


  • Provide clear information about all products
  • Provide direction and education about the products we sell
  • Provide activation assistance in the form of a video that can be downloaded when you have completed the payment process in the “download” menu on the “my account” page
  • Assist customers until activation
  • Guaranteed CD key is valid and can be used
  • Replace the CD key if the CD key is entered incorrectly or has problems
  • There is no support outside the ElekUS service, including Steam, Origin, Uplay, Rockstar, services, etc. ElekUS does not provide assistance if there are problems such as forgetting the Steam password, not being able to log in to Steam, etc. That is beyond the control of ElekUS. ElekUS does not have access to these services.


  • We only carry out transactions via the site and the Tokopedia Marketplace, we are not responsible if you make transactions outside our site and the Tokopedia Marketplace.
  • We only sell licenses, our responsibility is only until successful activation. If problems occur after activation, it is beyond our responsibility. These include: The computer is not strong, the game cannot be played, crashes and errors after the game is active, the game is difficult to play and similar problems that are beyond our control.
  • Games cannot be exchanged or returned
  • ElekUS does not provide support if licenses are resold.


Kami hanya menyediakan artikel bantuan dan via video, tidak memberikan bantuan secara personal untuk aktivasi atau instalasi game. Jika ada kesulitan, anda bisa mencari artikel bantuan di


  • Guarantee that the key is valid and matches the description
  • If there is a problem with the key, replace it with a new one or refund it
  • We consider the key to have been redeemed if it has been sent via email & via download
  • If there is a problem after successful redemption, it is beyond our control, and there will be no refund
  • example: Computer is not strong, game cannot be opened, crashes etc
  • We cannot delete games that have been included in the library of game provider platforms such as Steam, Origin, Uplay, etc., so refunds if they have been redeemed are not possible.

• We didn’t try all the games
• Game quality can be seen based on reviews (Steam Review, Metacritic,
• We don’t make the license code, but the game publisher releases it, we only resell it
• We are not game developers, we cannot handle bugs/glitch/errors etc., our responsibility is only until successful activation, if there are problems after that, it is beyond our control.
• The license code can only be used once, cannot be resold.
• License codes that have not been used still cannot be refunded, because the buyer can activate them at any time, we consider them used when they have been sent to the buyer.

ElekUS reserves the right at any time and from time to time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Service (or any part thereof) with or without notice.
You agree that ElekUS will not be liable to you or to any third party for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of providing this Service.
ElekUS has the right to add and/or change the contents of existing policies without prior notification.